Audition Coaching with Mychal 

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Prepping for college auditions?

Getting ready for your next role?


Mychal has over a decade of experience working as a professional actor in NYC, national and international tours, and regionally.


Let her help you perfect your auditions so you can shine!

What you'll get:

  • Material selection:

I'll help you find unique material that highlights your strengths and creates a lasting impression. 


  • Acting a Song:

We'll work together to write subtext and find acting beats that create a consistent & reliable product 

  • College prep: 

Discuss what "type" really means, develop a marketing plan, and use your material to communicate who you are as an actor. Find contrasting pieces that show your full range and showcase you well.

  • Career coaching (for NYC actors):

Gain insight on the ins and outs of living and working in NYC- where to study, how to find and navigate auditions, and the best day jobs for actors. Learn how to love- not just survive- NYC!

Mychal is not only talented in acting, directing, singing, and dancing, but she is also amazing with kids! The combination makes for a learning experience that your kids won't soon forget!

 - Wendy Miller (Mom of Cassie and Kayla)

Music Sheets
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Mychal Phillips​ has appeared in the Anything Goes National Tour (Erma), the Legally Blonde international tour (Paulette), and in many regional productions including Singin' In The Rain (Lina Lamont- Theatre by the Sea), Anything Goes (Erma- Ogunquit Playhouse, Gateway Playhouse, Westchester Broadway Theatre), Brigadoon (Meg- The Wick Theatre), White Christmas (Rhoda- Ogunquit Playhouse), and The Rocky Horror Show (Columbia- Gateway Playhouse). She grew up in a small town but always knew she wanted to be an actor in NYC, and she loves coaching young people with similar dreams. She has taught privately, in workshop settings, and through Wingspan Arts.

  • $70/hour.

  • Offered in-person or over Zoom

  • Not feeling it? 100% money back guarantee after the first lesson

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